Direct Primary Care FAQ


How do I join?

To join our practice just click the following link and follow the prompts:


Can I try it out?

Absolutely! For $275 you can have an hour long holistic physical with 2 month membership.  If you decide you do not want to stay with us, you can cancel at that time.    

Why should I join? 

We have limited the patients in the practice so that Dr. Yolanda Tun-Chiong is the only one providing primary care for you and your family.   We want you to feel like you have a "doctor in the family" you can call and trust.  You can try out our program for $275, which would allow you a 2 month membership with unlimited access to the doctor, and an hour long holistic physical. At that time you can choose to continue or leave the program. This trial fee is equivalent to the usual cost of just 1 medical visit at a cash only practice or if you have a high deductible. Dr. Tun-Chiong will be the only physician you interact with at each and every visit.     

Do I need to be a member to be seen by Dr. Tun-Chiong?

Not at all! Dr. Tun-Chiong can see you for osteopathic manipulation and tune ups as needed if you are not ready to join or if you already have a primary care physician you love.    

Are you providing insurance?

No, we are providing affordable primary care based on a membership model.  

Why do I need insurance?

While you do not need your insurance for the doctor, you can use your insurance to cover lab fees, medications, vaccinations, procedures, surgeries, ER visits, and urgent care visits among others.  

I have a high deductible insurance. Wouldn't this be more expensive?

Not at all!  We all know how annoying it is to get confusing bills after medical visits.  One medical visit can generate a bill from the doctor's office and another from the laboratory.  Under the DPC model, we will not bill your insurance for the doctor's fee and therefore the fees will be known beforehand.  As a member, you would pay as little as $30 per sick visit or nothing at all for an annual hour long physical.  While you may still get a bill from the lab, there will not be an any bills for the physician's fees after the visit. We have taken ourselves out of the equation. 


I have great insurance. Why should I join?

We have limited the patients in the practice so that Dr. Yolanda Tun-Chiong is the only one providing primary care for you.  We want you to feel like you have a "doctor in the family" you can call and trust.  This includes coordinating care with specialists on your behalf and the convenience of telephone consultations and email when you are out of town or too busy at work. Medical practices that take "great" insurances are still under the limitations in time while trying to increase the volume of patients. This leads to a factory feel where you the patient are just treated like a faceless link in the chain.  

I only come once a year. What's in it for me?

We want to continue keeping you healthy and avoiding losing time off from work and family.  When illness happens, we are here for you. Most patients in our current practice utilize the patient portal and receive extensive phone consultations. This is an an important part of your healthcare services.  A simple call may save you a trip to the urgent care or ER.  Receiving healthcare does not just mean showing up in a doctor's office once a year, but taking care of each patient outside the boundaries of the office visits.  

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes. We do ask that you enroll for a minimum of 2 months before canceling. If you decide you would like to rejoin, you would have to remain on a wait list and pay the enrollment fee again and commit to a 6 month membership upon re-enrollment. 

I do not have health insurance, can I still join your practice?

Absolutely! It is recommended to have insurance for unexpected circumstances i.e accidents, surgeries and ER visits, but not a requirement to join our practice.  

Can I use my FSA/HSA card?

Yes, the FSA/HSA card can apply to many of our services, please call our office for details.


Gastroenterology FAQ


Is Dr. Johnson under the Direct Primary Care Model?

No.  Dr. Johnson is a  gastroenterology specialist and the DPC model does not apply to him and his services. 

Is Dr. Johnson in-network with insurances?

Yes! Dr. Johnson is participating with many insurances.  Please call the office to see which insurances he is in-network with or look here.  Some insurances require a referral from a primary care doctor, please check with your insurance. 

Do you have weekend hours?

Yes! We know you are busy with work and life. For your convenience, we perform colonoscopy and endoscopy procedures on Saturdays.  

Are the procedures done with anesthesia?

Yes. We take patient safety and comfort seriously.  We have an anesthesiologist providing sedation and monitoring during the procedure.  

When do I start getting colonoscopies?

It is recommended that all patients get screened for colorectal cancer at age 50 unless there is a family history,which may require screening at a younger age.

What tests and procedures does Dr. Johnson perform?

Dr. Johnson performs upper endoscopies (EGD), colonoscopies, Helicobacter pylori testing, and also orders special laboratory and imaging studies to determine a clinical diagnosis.

Where does Dr. Johnson perform his procedures?

Procedures are performed at Urban Medical Group in our Office Based Surgical Suite, or at the outpatient hospital endoscopy suite at Mount Sinai Beth Israel.